Library Of Congress: Educational Apps For Primary Sources

“Together, These New Applications Are A Valuable Addition To The Suite Of Civics”

Have you ever considered where a piece of information gets its accreditation and the credibility? Ever wondered how that information is validated? When you read a scientific paper about how a new discovery, the arguments commonly initiate in debates on how such matter of state is relevant to such scientific opinion or theory. A long time ago, many people firmly believed that the world was a flat plane. Many generations later, we have come to the point of discovery that the world is not flat, instead it is a globe, which is at a constant gravitational pull (gravitons) state, creating a natural spherical shape.

Today, the educational sectors main concerns aren’t the shape of the earth, instead it is focused towards the future generations of tomorrow’s leaders. The leaders of tomorrow, are dependent on the academic curriculum in which are taught in the standard educational systems in the United States. If the academic curriculum lacks in any specific way, it could jeopardize the basic fundamentals of the educational system, the youth’s academia standards and may even change the belief systems that are established in the scientific communities.

A leader of tomorrow isn’t born with prescribed-leadership knowledge. A leader is molded and formed into shape. In order to establish a level of leadership, knowledge is vital. If the wrong information or the wrong concept is taught through such educational system, it can destroy the very foundations of what the educational systems have been built upon so far. Therefore, primary resources or authentic knowledge is key to the educational systems for the youth. Two of the most 2nd important subjects that are ranked second important next to history, are congress and civics. According to a recent post from The Journal, the Library of Congress has taken innovative steps to help solidify the access of authentic knowledge which is specific to Congress & Civics. With entrusted and associated partners, the Library of Congress was able to develop over 5 different apps, 2 in which rank the most important for the educational sectors that are recommended to consider are; DBQuest & Case Maker.


The DBQuest app is a smart software application that is offered by Library of Congress; that provides historical primary-based documents and evidence based learning program. The educational application for students is made of multi-functions, providing students insight on how to build supportive arguments and abstract from vital pieces of historical information. An example of a DBQuest forum can be a copy of the original Declaration of The Independence. DBQuest app is backed up by historical contextual and physical artifacts.



(Image Accredited by: Tribe.Talk)                        (Images Accredited by: ExtremeTech)

Case Maker

The Case Maker smart educational application for students, was developed by partnered company, Bean Creative. Case Maker is an inquiry-based learning system for students whom build inquiries from primary sources which are preserved at the Library of Congress. The app helps to build the students understanding and the level of comprehension against such historical archives. Students are able to build a challenging debate, collect and compile evidence and make a case under a framework.

Earlier this month, Lee Ann, whom is the director of Educational Outreach Division at the Library of Congress, stated that; “together, these new educational applications for students are a valuable addition to the suite of civics-related tools that our partners have developed”.

The technology industry has so far proven benefits, despite the overruled debates about how technology is a “human-hiccup against nature”. As a conclusion, we may see more governmental bodies adapt to an educational application for students, which would establish an authentic source for primary resources to be regulated during research, lecture or training sessions. We could possibly see the diversity of expanding educational apps, reaching military sectors for training purposes, governmental apps for interns and other fields of profession in which the smart software application haven’t reached yet.

Are you interested to learn more about the new educational software applications for students and teachers, in which have been released by the Library of Congress? Feel free to reach out to us today and sign up for exclusive insights and updates about the educational app industry!


Nobody is now unknown to this beautiful new type of diamond that has become the most favorite of all the women looking for a cheaper diamond solution. Because of its unique color, chocolate diamond jewelry has become a style statement. They can be just as attractive as white diamonds but are available in a fraction of price.

Chocolate diamonds is a trademarked name, registered by the Le Vian group in 2000, describing a lavish chocolatey shade of brown diamond. These diamonds may not possess the same sparkle and pizazz as other colorless diamonds but because of their unique color, elegant cuts and economical price, these have become the go-to choice for numerous women.

Where do chocolate diamonds come from?

Just like other colorless diamonds, colored diamonds come from all across the world. In case of brown diamonds (specially in the chocolate color shade) are found mainly in Australia (Argyle), Brazil, Borneo and the Congo.

Why do chocolate diamonds cost more than brown diamonds?

According to Le Vian, the motive behind the concept of brown diamonds is to be able to differentiate between different brown diamonds. This was done in an endeavor to mark that the diamonds used by Le Vian are of the highest quality.

Chocolate diamonds produce high-quality designer chocolate diamond jewelry. And when you buy designer goods, you pay more for a number of reasons i.e. brand name, quality, etc.

Chocolate diamond jewelry- why people buy this instead of white colored diamonds?

Chocolate diamond jewelry has become popular in many women because of multiple important reasons. First of which is its cheaper price than other naturally occurring diamonds. Although rare, these diamonds by Le Vian are available in a cheaper price. Who wouldn’t like a diamond in an affordable price, right?

Chocolate diamond jewelry is innovative and unique and that’s what makes it the preferred choice of a lot of people. People get it customized to their liking without a huge dent on the pocket. Women like to stay unique. With Le Vian’s unique bespoke chocolate diamond jewelry, women enjoy inclusiveness.

Should I buy chocolate diamond jewelry over colorless diamond jewelry?

Well, the answer to this question is subjective to the likes and dislikes of each individual. The jewelry anybody likes to wear is a personal choice. As a matter of fact, colorless diamonds consist of a higher quality, better clarity and higher prices. For some, the uniqueness of brown color and different cuts is attractive, and the lower price is a plus. Nevertheless, chocolate diamond jewelry is one of a kind and anybody who buys it never regrets the decision. Whether somebody should buy colorless diamond jewelry or chocolate diamond jewelry depends upon the individual’s will and preference.


You can get your hands on stylish, elegant and jaw-droppingly beautiful chocolate diamond jewelry at Le Vian. Our stunning designs and our innovative offering will leave you awe-stricken. Whether you are looking for a casual wear, a wedding piece or to gift somebody, chocolate diamond jewelry can be your best bet.



Now that you have an efficient mobile app that is likely to fulfil the needs of the targeted customer, how do you increase the app’s visibility and become the preferred choice of people? Answer is simple. Through deploying effective mobile app marketing strategies. But marketing mobile apps has undergone drastic transformations and isn’t the same as it was a decade back. 2018 is all about staying ahead and to keep yourself atop amongst competitors, the key is to market your mobile app like a pro and leave no gray areas whatsoever!

If you are getting fewer app downloads, the problem lies not in the app but the mobile app marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at 5 ways you can deploy to master your mobile app marketing game and win the market share.

Social media, with its untapped reach, must become an important part of the promotional strategies. But instead of directly approaching the customer in a conventional ‘download our app’ method, deploy simple ways that can help to amp up the social media promotion. Videos, these days, are extremely influential. Word of mouth from your experts, mascots, customers or even famous alumni about how the app works wonderfully for them, can help you increase the app downloads. If users know what kind of an experience they will have backed by good reviews, they are most likely to hit the download button.

  • Prominently present on the website

Incorporating the app download link on your website is very crucial. There are more chances customer will come across your website than your app because learned customers of today like to Google everything before. Adding a banner advertisement or a press release, as part of your mobile app marketing strategy, can drive the customers, on your website, use the one-click-go for updates.

  • Guest blogging

If you want to increase your app downloads, you ought to increase the exposure and target more audience. While creating compelling content on your own website is very important, it is also an excellent tactic, that the best mobile app marketing companies deploy, to leverage other audience as well. If you are able to create and post content on wider variety of blogs, you will target more users. Ensure that the blogs you are targeting are relevant to your niche so you can offer people who will be interested in your offering.

  • Contact influencers

Word of mouth does wonders in this era. Let’s face it, mobile app marketing isn’t a piece of cake. Try contacting different bloggers and members of the industry who are famous. Target influencers in your industry and introduce the app to them. Encourage people, who have a large people following, to try out the product and review it.

  • App store optimization (ASO)

ASO is an important step to make the app recognizable and easily found. This will help you gain more visibility and increase your app downloads considerably.

The Role of Mobile Apps Marketing To Boost Your Business

Mobile app marketing is the one of the trendiest methods of marketing a product or service to a large number of audience. If you are planning to start your own business, the first thing you need to consider is investment in marketing. And deciding on the type of marketing depends on the category of your targeted audience and the type of services or products you deal in. Marketing is like an art of telling the audience why they should choose you. In the age of technology, more than half of the world’s total population is comprised of mobile phone users. Therefore if you want your product or services to be recognized by maximum number of audience then you must invest in a good mobile app marketing plan. The effective use mobile app marketing can help you spread the word and engage more people to connect with.

In this article we will explain the importance of mobile apps in the marketing of your products or services.

Meet More Targeted Audience

The best marketing strategy revolves around the idea of promoting your business in the places where you can meet your targeted audience. Just as we see the posters of upcoming movies outside the cinema houses, in the same way, you must know where you can find more users of your services/products. With the help of the right mobile marketing campaign, you have the chances of reaching out to 70% more targeted audience as compared to any other source of marketing.

Ease Of Accessibility

The usage of mobile app marketing provides you high accessibility which means that you will be able to add more information or required changes very quickly and without bumping. For instance, if a person is paying for advertising his services or product on TV, he will have to go through a whole complex and difficult process to make changes in the advertisement or to add some addition information. While in case of mobile app marketing, the changes can be made easily by getting in touch with the marketer or mobile app marketing agency. The app developer can make smoothly make changes to suit your needs and product’s requirements.

Advertising Is Less Expensive

In today’s world of technology, advertising have become easier and cheaper. But you need to look out for the most effective yet cheapest possible source of advertising. When talking about a budget for marketing, nothing can be more affordable and effective than mobile app marketing. There are many mobile app marketing agencies that provide great mobile app marketing plans within the most reasonable budgets. You only need to look out for the one that best suits the needs of your business. With the help of mobile marketing app, you can increase your sales without worrying about the expenses. Another interesting thing about app marketing is that it provides an ease to your customers to get in touch with you. Many mobile apps have integrated Chat option through which you can easily get in touch with your customers and potential customers and get feedback about your products/services.


The Facebook advertising metrics

Facebook offers plenty of insights to advertisers on their paid social ads. A lot of these metrics can be hard to understand. If you cannot fully understand what each metric means, how can you get correct insights? And consequently, make effective decisions for your Facebook marketing strategy?

Your company can increase its annual sales per employee per year by 14.4%, if you increase the usability of your data by even a 10%, according to a survey.

Data is important.

Do you know what these different facebook ads metrics mean?


  1. Click through rate (CTR)

This is a measure of how many people see your ad against how many of those click on them. Though the average CTR was reported 0.05% latest, it does not mean investing is in vain. Brand awareness still increases.

  1. Link Clicks

It shows the number of clicks on your ads that consequently took them to the set destination. These are used to measure CTR and CPC.

  1. Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) / Cost per click / Cost per action (CPA)

These are three of the methods used by Facebook to charge you. As the names suggest, the first one measures the cost of having 1000 views on your ad, the second one charges you each time your ad receives a click, and the third one charges you each time someone takes an action on your ad

(Confused about which metric to use? Hiring a facebook agency might be a good idea.)

  1. Ad frequency

This is an important metric that is closely related to CPC and CTR. It shows how many times your audience sees a particular ad of yours. It is important to keep an eye on this figure to avoid spamming your audience.

  1. engagement

It shows the number of times someone took action relating to your post. It can include any of the reactions, likes, shares, comments.

  1. impressions & reach

This metric shows how often your post was viewed by your audience. It is viewed alongside the reach metric which tells how many individual people saw your post. Both are visibility metrics.

  1. Relevance score

This is a score on a scale of 1 – 10. As the name suggests, it shows how relevant your ad is to the audience. High relevance score equals to better reach to the target audience. This score is a calculated through a combination of other metrics.

  1. Talking about this

It basically shows how many people were talking about a particular subject during a particular time period. It is excellent for time-specific ads.

  1. Video retention

One of the video engagement metrics, it can be found in post details section. It tells you about the average view duration along with retention percentage by each minute.

  1. Website conversions

It shows the number of lead conversions occurred due to your advertisement. The metric is recorded by Facebook pixel.

App Marketing Tips to Kick Start Your App Launch

Your fledgling app may have been approved by the Appstore, but that doesn’t guarantee its success. You will need to give it the kick start it needs through a solid marketing campaign.


  1. create an App press kit

An app press kit is a used to provide journalists information about your app. It contains all the essential information needed about your app for the journalist to write. An app press kit’s content includes screenshots of your app, company logo, app icon, contact email, and a description.

As an iPhone app designer who has slaved so many hours to build this app, supplementing an App press kit will be advantageous to you. For starters, any journalist writing about your app will have access to official visuals and app information.

  1. create an app identity

The ABC’s of marketing remain the same everywhere, and iPhone app marketing is no exception. Similar to a Brand identity, you need to create an app identity. Actively work to create a calculated perception of your app amongst the audience. This is a powerful marketing tactic if employed the right way, can be quite fruitful. For instance, select a value proposition that packs a punch.

  1. leverage influencers

Honestly, influencers may soon become the bread and butter of marketing. People trust influencer recommendations almost as much as they trust the word of mouth. You can leverage this by reaching out to influencers and asking them to review your app.

A good influencer review will build trust and credibility for not only your app but iPhone app development company.


  1. social media advertising campaign

You didn’t think we’d miss the holy grail of marketing, did you?

If a company can benefit from social media platform, an iPhone app developer can too. iOS app developer, fashion designer, or a restaurateur – social media ads don’t discriminate.

Show people your app exists. There’s no better way to do than on platforms where 2.62 billion people hang out.

Chop, chop!

Launch a paid ad campaign for you app now without any further ado.

  1. create a killer landing page

You have done everything to pique the interest of your audience but forgotten one really important thing: the landing page.

You Are Doomed

Your landing page is where people will try to reach out to you, hunt information about your app, and basically judge your competency through.

Therefore, your landing page must do the following things:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Showcase the problem your app will aim to solve
  • Allows sharing
  • Gives incentive to share
  • Answers FAQs

Video has excellent retention and engagement so and entertaining clip about your app could be well worth the effort.


Best practices of marketing through micro-influencers

Influencer marketing is the new buzzword around and has been showing promising results. It is the practice of hiring influencers to endorse or promote your brand. This is beneficial in two ways: the people who follow them pay attention to their recommendations and let them influence purchase decisions. These people are called “influencers” for a reason, after all.

For the purposes of social influencer marketing, influencers can be categorized into three types: macro-influencers, micro influencers. As the name suggests, micro-influencers have a small following less than 10k. Working with micro-influencers can be quite lucrative if best practices are applied.

  • Influencer marketing platforms

Perhaps the first and most significant step is to select a suitable platform to execute this campaign. There are multiple online mediums available including social media, video playing, and uploading apps, blogging websites, etc. a suitable platform is necessary because let’s say if your influencer marketing campaign focuses on short clips or pictures, Instagram would be an appropriate candidate. Similarly, for video related content Facebook or YouTube are suitable.

  • Influencer marketing software

Such software include tool necessary to find a suitable influencer for your campaign. For example, an influencer search engine will give access to a large database of potential candidates. There are a number of influencer marketing companies you can get in touch to provide you with the required expertise.

Moreover, hiring an influencer marketing agency will give your social influencer marketing campaign a professional touch that may not be achieved otherwise.

  • Relevancy

It is important for a successful influencer to have a big audience but it is even more important for your brand to be relevant to the style or niche of the influencer. A popular food reviewing personality reviewing hair supplements doesn’t sound right, does it? It looks like a blatant advertisement. Such bad practices can not only sour your efforts but result in the influencer losing their credibility too, over time. An influencer should be complementary to your brand to maintain authenticity.

  • Give respect, get results

Flowers, their symbolism, and how to get flower delivery

Giving flowers to your lovers, spouses, and beloved female relatives is a common and cherished social convention. Almost all flowers have some sort of meaning associated with them. Perhaps, the reason why US flower industry is worth a booming $7500 000 000.

Whether it is ordering flowers from a flower delivery app or going to the shop in person, buying flowers is something most people cannot resist. The reason is clear: flowers are natural soothers and a gesture of affection. Each flower symbolizes something and has a meaning behind it, as mentioned. While most flowers symbolize all positive emotions and characteristics such as love, positivity, loyalty, some have slightly negative meanings too.

Find out what these most common flowers symbolize so that the next time you have a flower delivery, you are more aware.


A white Lilly symbolizes things such as purity, virginity, and modesty. Orange lily represents passion, while yellow lily happiness, exhilaration.


These flowers symbolize young innocence and the confidence that accompanies it. White lilac means humility, while purple ones symbolize first love.
Great flower to send to your childhood sweethearts.


This flower is the symbolism of levity. On another note, it also symbolizes inconsistency and arrogance.


A purple iris symbolizes wisdom and praise, while a blue symbolizes faith and optimism. Yellow iris is for passion and white for being untainted.


It is used to symbolize a sporty nature and playfulness; on extreme it may symbolize rashness. A blue hyacinth on the other had means steadiness, and purple for sorrow. On a darker note, yellow hyacinth stands for jealousy.



A common favorite in home gardens, they signify purity and sweetness. Giving someone a gardenia would mean you intend to say “you are beautiful”. The flower is also used to convey joy.


The bright yellow flower symbolizes innocence and a considerate, thoughtful nature.  


The vibrant flower stands for innocence, and is used to convey everlasting, loyal love to the receiver.


A favorite, these eye catching, sunny yellow flowers represent affection and chivalry. Furthermore, it also indicated the dawn of a new beginning, rebirth. On the contrary one single daffodil is a bad omen because it represents misfortune. In a bunch, it indicates gaiety.


This is another bright yellow flower that symbolizes a long, fulfilling life. A red chrysanthemum is to indicate live, while a white is to indicate honest and loyal love.


Found the perfect flower to gift to that special someone? Get the best flower delivery in Detroit through the fastest on demand delivery app.

On another note, have you ever forgotten to buy your spouse a box of chocolates? You can quickly order through our favorite delivery app and receive your order without waiting for long.

This package delivery app is a combination of food delivery service app, grocery delivery service, gas delivery app, and almost anything anyone would want to order.

8 Benefits Of Email Verification

Email is still a popular medium for many as predicted by The Radicati Group, a tech market research firm. This emarketer report will prove to you just why.

We believe such a popular medium of communication, we think it should remain unhindered.
For email verification, it works by removing invalid or abandoned email accounts from your email marketing list so that your emails actually reach their designated audience.

Email verification is a magical tool that can have far reaching effects. Here are all the benefits to convince you that email verification is the boss!

1.      Curtail Bounce Back Rates

A 3% or greater bounce back rate is a red flag; it signifies you need email verification to a great extent. Email verification uses sophisticated algorithms and multi layer testing to detect troublesome addresses out of the whole bunch. As soon as you start availing our services, you will notice a lowered bounce back rate.

2.      Improved Deliverability

Prevention is better than cure – do not wait to be blocked from sending email to take an action. A dedicated approach to distinguishing between what is useful and what is not will help stamp out potential deliverability errors.

3.      Sender Reputation

Email sender reputation is the score accredited by an ISP to your organization. This score is one factor associated with email deliverability. It is dependent on multiple factors, such as how many of your emails have seen the spam folder, how many emails are actively engaged with, etc. A valid email list can potentially reduce bounce back rate, increase engagement, and consequently contribute to a higher score.

4.      Save the Bucks

Email marketing costs money, and no one wants to spend on dead ends. Eliminating disengaged or inactive email addresses from your list means you will not have to extend your email marketing work to them. Extend efforts only where it shows results.

5.      Reliable Stats

Inactive, unresponsive, or invalid addresses are never going to click open your mail. These deadweights will distort your campaign stats and provide an unreliable portrayal of your campaign’s efforts.

6.      Better Decision Making

It is a no brainier – if the data insights are concrete and accurate you will know what is working and what is not. Consequently, not only you can improve on your content, but also make better decisions regarding the campaign to get a wider audience engaged.

7.      Avoid Spam Traps

Ending up in a spam traps is every email marketer’s nightmare. These are created by ISPs to detect spam email. A regularly maintained email list takes care of this problem.

8.      Save Time and Efforts

Stop mulling over mock email addresses and their lack of response. You wouldn’t know which email addresses are bogus unless you are sure about the authenticity of your list. Get your email list verified and save your team’s time and efforts.


5 Effective ways to drive traffic to your website

The website of your business is like an employee who works 24hours/seven days a week and help you meet the right category of buyers/consumers/clients. The website is actually the face of your business that provides details about your core services/products. Making sure that your website is optimized can help drive targeted audience, which in turn offers an opportunity to increase your revenue. There are several on-page and off-page SEO tools that can visibly increase traffic on your website.

As explained by one of the leading SEO experts. How to Increase Your Referral Traffic by 77% in 90 Days – Neil Patel

Increasing traffic on your website can be little tricky but have great impact on the growth of your business. We have created a list of 10 effective and proven ways to drive traffic on your website.

Read on to find out what are you missing. It’s never too late to start over!

Perform On-Page SEO

There are many on-page SEO tools and tactics that can eventually help maximizing the number of visitors on your website. The purpose of on-page SEO is to make your website rank higher than other websites on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. first understand the needs of your targeted consumers/clients/customers and then produce high-quality content on your website to attract your audience. Also, catchy titles, Meta tags and Meta descriptions plays prominent role in the ranking of your website.


Post links to Social Media with Hashtags

The usage of social media can be a really effective tool to promote your business. The blogposts and other useful content available on your website must be posted on different social media accounts to attract a larger number of audience. When people on those social media accounts click through those links, internet push them to your website, ultimately increasing the number of visitors on your website. Posting on social media also help in creating awareness about your business in masses. By Using Hashtags on Instagram can extend your reach beyond your network limits and meet more users interested in your services and products.


Target Long-Tail Keywords

It’s true that short-tail keywords are searched for more frequently than long-tail keywords but they make it difficult for websites to rank high on search engine. On the other hand Targeting long-tail keywords, can offer you a good opportunity to rank better even on the first page for the searched to your services or products.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing has always been appeared as the best tool to stay in touch with audience. Sending out emails in the form of newsletter and promotional offers is an incredible way to get traffic to your website. Make sure you get the Best Email Marketing Software for your business.

Guest Blog

Many people show hesitation about sharing their precious content on other websites for guest blogging. Believe it or not but guest blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. The content you share with other websites let your business be exposed to a whole new audience. When the visitors of that website (where you posted your blogpost) click through the website-link mentioned in bottom of your content, it converts them into your visitors, thus helping your business getting recognized by maximum number of users.