Giving flowers to your lovers, spouses, and beloved female relatives is a common and cherished social convention. Almost all flowers have some sort of meaning associated with them. Perhaps, the reason why US flower industry is worth a booming $7500 000 000.

Whether it is ordering flowers from a flower delivery app or going to the shop in person, buying flowers is something most people cannot resist. The reason is clear: flowers are natural soothers and a gesture of affection. Each flower symbolizes something and has a meaning behind it, as mentioned. While most flowers symbolize all positive emotions and characteristics such as love, positivity, loyalty, some have slightly negative meanings too.

Find out what these most common flowers symbolize so that the next time you have a flower delivery, you are more aware.


A white Lilly symbolizes things such as purity, virginity, and modesty. Orange lily represents passion, while yellow lily happiness, exhilaration.


These flowers symbolize young innocence and the confidence that accompanies it. White lilac means humility, while purple ones symbolize first love.
Great flower to send to your childhood sweethearts.


This flower is the symbolism of levity. On another note, it also symbolizes inconsistency and arrogance.


A purple iris symbolizes wisdom and praise, while a blue symbolizes faith and optimism. Yellow iris is for passion and white for being untainted.


It is used to symbolize a sporty nature and playfulness; on extreme it may symbolize rashness. A blue hyacinth on the other had means steadiness, and purple for sorrow. On a darker note, yellow hyacinth stands for jealousy.



A common favorite in home gardens, they signify purity and sweetness. Giving someone a gardenia would mean you intend to say “you are beautiful”. The flower is also used to convey joy.


The bright yellow flower symbolizes innocence and a considerate, thoughtful nature.  


The vibrant flower stands for innocence, and is used to convey everlasting, loyal love to the receiver.


A favorite, these eye catching, sunny yellow flowers represent affection and chivalry. Furthermore, it also indicated the dawn of a new beginning, rebirth. On the contrary one single daffodil is a bad omen because it represents misfortune. In a bunch, it indicates gaiety.


This is another bright yellow flower that symbolizes a long, fulfilling life. A red chrysanthemum is to indicate live, while a white is to indicate honest and loyal love.


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