Influencer marketing is the new buzzword around and has been showing promising results. It is the practice of hiring influencers to endorse or promote your brand. This is beneficial in two ways: the people who follow them pay attention to their recommendations and let them influence purchase decisions. These people are called “influencers” for a reason, after all.

For the purposes of social influencer marketing, influencers can be categorized into three types: macro-influencers, micro influencers. As the name suggests, micro-influencers have a small following less than 10k. Working with micro-influencers can be quite lucrative if best practices are applied.

  • Influencer marketing platforms

Perhaps the first and most significant step is to select a suitable platform to execute this campaign. There are multiple online mediums available including social media, video playing, and uploading apps, blogging websites, etc. a suitable platform is necessary because let’s say if your influencer marketing campaign focuses on short clips or pictures, Instagram would be an appropriate candidate. Similarly, for video related content Facebook or YouTube are suitable.

  • Influencer marketing software

Such software include tool necessary to find a suitable influencer for your campaign. For example, an influencer search engine will give access to a large database of potential candidates. There are a number of influencer marketing companies you can get in touch to provide you with the required expertise.

Moreover, hiring an influencer marketing agency will give your social influencer marketing campaign a professional touch that may not be achieved otherwise.

  • Relevancy

It is important for a successful influencer to have a big audience but it is even more important for your brand to be relevant to the style or niche of the influencer. A popular food reviewing personality reviewing hair supplements doesn’t sound right, does it? It looks like a blatant advertisement. Such bad practices can not only sour your efforts but result in the influencer losing their credibility too, over time. An influencer should be complementary to your brand to maintain authenticity.

  • Give respect, get results