Now that you have an efficient mobile app that is likely to fulfil the needs of the targeted customer, how do you increase the app’s visibility and become the preferred choice of people? Answer is simple. Through deploying effective mobile app marketing strategies. But marketing mobile apps has undergone drastic transformations and isn’t the same as it was a decade back. 2018 is all about staying ahead and to keep yourself atop amongst competitors, the key is to market your mobile app like a pro and leave no gray areas whatsoever!

If you are getting fewer app downloads, the problem lies not in the app but the mobile app marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at 5 ways you can deploy to master your mobile app marketing game and win the market share.

Social media, with its untapped reach, must become an important part of the promotional strategies. But instead of directly approaching the customer in a conventional ‘download our app’ method, deploy simple ways that can help to amp up the social media promotion. Videos, these days, are extremely influential. Word of mouth from your experts, mascots, customers or even famous alumni about how the app works wonderfully for them, can help you increase the app downloads. If users know what kind of an experience they will have backed by good reviews, they are most likely to hit the download button.

  • Prominently present on the website

Incorporating the app download link on your website is very crucial. There are more chances customer will come across your website than your app because learned customers of today like to Google everything before. Adding a banner advertisement or a press release, as part of your mobile app marketing strategy, can drive the customers, on your website, use the one-click-go for updates.

  • Guest blogging

If you want to increase your app downloads, you ought to increase the exposure and target more audience. While creating compelling content on your own website is very important, it is also an excellent tactic, that the best mobile app marketing companies deploy, to leverage other audience as well. If you are able to create and post content on wider variety of blogs, you will target more users. Ensure that the blogs you are targeting are relevant to your niche so you can offer people who will be interested in your offering.

  • Contact influencers

Word of mouth does wonders in this era. Let’s face it, mobile app marketing isn’t a piece of cake. Try contacting different bloggers and members of the industry who are famous. Target influencers in your industry and introduce the app to them. Encourage people, who have a large people following, to try out the product and review it.

  • App store optimization (ASO)

ASO is an important step to make the app recognizable and easily found. This will help you gain more visibility and increase your app downloads considerably.