Nobody is now unknown to this beautiful new type of diamond that has become the most favorite of all the women looking for a cheaper diamond solution. Because of its unique color, chocolate diamond jewelry has become a style statement. They can be just as attractive as white diamonds but are available in a fraction of price.

Chocolate diamonds is a trademarked name, registered by the Le Vian group in 2000, describing a lavish chocolatey shade of brown diamond. These diamonds may not possess the same sparkle and pizazz as other colorless diamonds but because of their unique color, elegant cuts and economical price, these have become the go-to choice for numerous women.

Where do chocolate diamonds come from?

Just like other colorless diamonds, colored diamonds come from all across the world. In case of brown diamonds (specially in the chocolate color shade) are found mainly in Australia (Argyle), Brazil, Borneo and the Congo.

Why do chocolate diamonds cost more than brown diamonds?

According to Le Vian, the motive behind the concept of brown diamonds is to be able to differentiate between different brown diamonds. This was done in an endeavor to mark that the diamonds used by Le Vian are of the highest quality.

Chocolate diamonds produce high-quality designer chocolate diamond jewelry. And when you buy designer goods, you pay more for a number of reasons i.e. brand name, quality, etc.

Chocolate diamond jewelry- why people buy this instead of white colored diamonds?

Chocolate diamond jewelry has become popular in many women because of multiple important reasons. First of which is its cheaper price than other naturally occurring diamonds. Although rare, these diamonds by Le Vian are available in a cheaper price. Who wouldn’t like a diamond in an affordable price, right?

Chocolate diamond jewelry is innovative and unique and that’s what makes it the preferred choice of a lot of people. People get it customized to their liking without a huge dent on the pocket. Women like to stay unique. With Le Vian’s unique bespoke chocolate diamond jewelry, women enjoy inclusiveness.

Should I buy chocolate diamond jewelry over colorless diamond jewelry?

Well, the answer to this question is subjective to the likes and dislikes of each individual. The jewelry anybody likes to wear is a personal choice. As a matter of fact, colorless diamonds consist of a higher quality, better clarity and higher prices. For some, the uniqueness of brown color and different cuts is attractive, and the lower price is a plus. Nevertheless, chocolate diamond jewelry is one of a kind and anybody who buys it never regrets the decision. Whether somebody should buy colorless diamond jewelry or chocolate diamond jewelry depends upon the individual’s will and preference.


You can get your hands on stylish, elegant and jaw-droppingly beautiful chocolate diamond jewelry at Le Vian. Our stunning designs and our innovative offering will leave you awe-stricken. Whether you are looking for a casual wear, a wedding piece or to gift somebody, chocolate diamond jewelry can be your best bet.