Alarm! Wake Up!  Get Ready? Check Breakfast?…

Who would not wish to have a good day? Surely, every one of us do! But have you ever thought of exploring the secret that can make your day?  Yes you are right; it’s the first and foremost important meal of the day that can literally change your mood. Fuel up yourself with epic breakfast and see how your day goes!  In this article, we have listed some of the international breakfast dishes that can help you keep awake and support your system! From Brazil to France you will get combination of something great. Let’s dig in!


Schinken-sauerkraut rollen also known as ham rolls in English can prove to be a perfect breakfast for you. Rolls stuffed with juicy bacon and seasoned with clove, juniper berries, and leeks topped with cheesy potatoes and tangy sauerkraut is a winning combination. Wonderbar! For people with a sweet tooth, German Pancake is the perfect option. Backed with perfection and loaded with apple slices, cinnamon and eggs will just make your day. Pancakes leave a tasty warm flavor on your tongue. It is one of the favorite breakfasts of many around the world.


There is nothing like waking up to some chilaquiles normally called as hangover cure.  This meal is made with fried tortilla, a chip which is smothered in salsa verde. Yummy crispy yet soft tortilla is topped with shredded chicken, fried eggs and queso fresco. Combination of these sizzling ingredients makes a perfect breakfast that keeps your tummy full and satisfied way past lunch time. Classic huevis rancheros is a perfect brunch staple giving you tangy taste of fried eggs, crispy corn tortillas and spicy salsa.  Sideline of sliced avocado and delicious fried beans do full justice to your appetite.



If you are health conscious Brazilian breakfast is just for you. A delicious spread of fresh fruits, creamy cheese, and cold meats – everything super healthy. Fruits like watermelon and papaya can not only be consumed in raw form but they can be blended and served with the meal. How can you not have Brazilian cheese bread also known as pão de queijo. It is made with parmesan cheese and cassava flour giving you extremely addictive flavor.  Because they are gluten free, you can have them without worrying about gaining weight.



France’s relationship with old fashioned crepes can beat any relation in the world.  You can’t just have these thin pastries in breakfast but they can be eaten any time of the day with almost any other thing like juice, coffee, wine etc.  Order this juicy breakfast with strawberries and nutella and satisfy your sweet tooth at its best.  You can also try a savory treat known as briche fougasse preserved with French roast coffee on the side.


Enjoy start of your everyday with these amazing breakfast pairing and treat yourself with the best.  Order fresh and fast breakfast from one of the best delivery app! You always deserve the best so give yourself the best!