Engagement is a special and close to heart occasion to almost everyone. Celebrities are no exception. A-list celebrities are seen spending millions of dollars on their engagement rings. 2018 marked as the year with the most beautiful engagement rings. Renowned celebrities were seen flaunting their engagement rings with confidence and style. If you are a bride-to-be looking for dapper styles for your engagement ring, below presented is the best list for you. We have narrowed down some of the best engagement ring styles for some bling inspiration:

  1. Victoria Beckham

An epitome of class and grace, Victoria Beckham defines what class is. Her yellow colored engagement ring marks as her 14th engagement ring. A stunning square-cut colored diamond on a pave diamond band is a thing of beauty to look at.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/402157441699548168/

  1. Cardi B

Cardi B’s pear-shaped ring made to the news this 2018 and inspired all the women out there.

  1. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s huge diamond bling catches all the attention with its glitzy appearance. This 20-karat ring is stunning with its intricate shape.

  1. Hailey Baldwin

Sporting her huge diamond engagement ring in Vogue’s new cover, Hailey’s ring is sure to stall eyes with its grace.

  1. Ariana Grande

The singer’s massive pear-shaped diamond was a custom-made engagement year that stayed at the top of the news this 2018.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5835447/Ariana-Grande-wore-100K-diamond-engagement-ring-Pete-Davidson-10-DAYS-AGO-Wango-Tango.html

Can I replace with anything?

Of course, you can! While these diamond rings look uber stylish and beautiful, they don’t come under everyone’s budget. The best way to get your favorite inspiration ring is to get it made with a chocolate diamond. These diamonds, with their deep brown hues, are shiny, worthy and extremely beautiful. They are named after chocolates because of the similar color tone that they share.

Chocolate diamonds, by Le Vian corporation, are beautiful brown diamonds that are extracted from the Argyle mine in Australia. Their extraction process is very thorough making it one of the worthiest colored diamond. They are priced slightly cheaper than white diamonds but look exceptionally great. After being endorsed by A-list celebrities on multiple occasions, the trend has ignited. Women are not only wearing it on parties and events but are getting married over a chocolate diamond promise. Getting your favorite ring design has become easier now with stunning chocolate diamond.


Your engagement ring is probably one of the most important decisions of your life. You want to step into this new journey with a diamond promise but can’t afford it. Worry not, because chocolate diamonds have got your back. Get a beautiful chocolate diamond ring for your engagement that you can flaunt with pride. A great many celebrities such as J-Lo, Michelle Obama, etc. have worn chocolate diamond jewelry on special award nights, parties and events. This added to the craze of these diamonds amongst women.

Bespoke chocolate diamond rings to make your engagement blingy

Get your very own unique chocolate diamond design from Le Vian corporation. Le Vian provides intricate, beautiful and stunning designs that will leave everyone’s jaw dropped.