Mobiles have taken over our lives entirely & play a major role in how we live today. Ever since Google announced that desktop traffic has been overtaken by mobile traffic, mobile devices and apps paved the way to become an essential part of our lives. Almost everyone from adults to toddlers is found clung to a mobile phone in their hands. With the growing popularity of mobile phones, the app industry has also largely flourished. The app market has reached a level of maturity and marketing mobile apps online have slowly and gradually picked pace.

Is It Necessary To Have A Strong App Marketing Plan In Place?

With a powerful app marketing plan, you promote your app as a solution to an issue and make users aware of who you are and what you do. It tends to create a personal relationship and communication channel between the marketer and the audience, offering a plethora of customization features. Without a strong mobile app marketing plan, your app will be lost in the sea of mundane apps in the app store.

The statistics also show that app marketing is the perfect augmenter to push boundaries for your app’s success.

  • Users tend to convert more vividly from smartphones as opposed to desktops, Google confirms.
  • Mobile marketing allows customers to easily convert. According to Google, 50% of customers who searched from mobile phones took some action (like visiting the store) while only 39% of people who searched from a desktop took any action.
  • Most consumers explore latest trends and gift ideas from their mobile phones, making mobile marketing an excellent avenue to reap for businesses.

In this competitive market of today, it is vital to create a marketing plan for your app that possesses the power to make your app viral.


How To Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

Follow these 07 steps to optimize your mobile marketing plan in the best possible manner:

  • Ensuring responsiveness is imperative at this time. Create a responsive webpage that works perfectly on all screen sizes.
  • With the increased trend of shopping via mobile phones, your app must possess an option to pay via mobile.
  • Mobile SEO is extremely crucial to ensure app’s enhanced visibility. You must create ads that are useful for local searches and leverage the power of content correctly.
  • Your brand must increase the mediums through which customers can interact with you.
  • Join more mobile social networks to reach out to people through mediums they use and prefer.
  • If you think SMS marketing has witnessed demise, you are highly mistaken! Using SMS to promote your app is an excellent idea because not only it is personalized but conveys a strong message.
  • Attract clients with coupons and discounts. Apps do this by leveraging geolocation technology to send push notifications.



Performing workable mobile app marketing is the key to success in this digitally-active world. Create a synergy between the marketing strategies and marketing channels to reap maximum results.