Email is still a popular medium for many as predicted by The Radicati Group, a tech market research firm. This emarketer report will prove to you just why.

We believe such a popular medium of communication, we think it should remain unhindered.
For email verification, it works by removing invalid or abandoned email accounts from your email marketing list so that your emails actually reach their designated audience.

Email verification is a magical tool that can have far reaching effects. Here are all the benefits to convince you that email verification is the boss!

1.      Curtail Bounce Back Rates

A 3% or greater bounce back rate is a red flag; it signifies you need email verification to a great extent. Email verification uses sophisticated algorithms and multi layer testing to detect troublesome addresses out of the whole bunch. As soon as you start availing our services, you will notice a lowered bounce back rate.

2.      Improved Deliverability

Prevention is better than cure – do not wait to be blocked from sending email to take an action. A dedicated approach to distinguishing between what is useful and what is not will help stamp out potential deliverability errors.

3.      Sender Reputation

Email sender reputation is the score accredited by an ISP to your organization. This score is one factor associated with email deliverability. It is dependent on multiple factors, such as how many of your emails have seen the spam folder, how many emails are actively engaged with, etc. A valid email list can potentially reduce bounce back rate, increase engagement, and consequently contribute to a higher score.

4.      Save the Bucks

Email marketing costs money, and no one wants to spend on dead ends. Eliminating disengaged or inactive email addresses from your list means you will not have to extend your email marketing work to them. Extend efforts only where it shows results.

5.      Reliable Stats

Inactive, unresponsive, or invalid addresses are never going to click open your mail. These deadweights will distort your campaign stats and provide an unreliable portrayal of your campaign’s efforts.

6.      Better Decision Making

It is a no brainier – if the data insights are concrete and accurate you will know what is working and what is not. Consequently, not only you can improve on your content, but also make better decisions regarding the campaign to get a wider audience engaged.

7.      Avoid Spam Traps

Ending up in a spam traps is every email marketer’s nightmare. These are created by ISPs to detect spam email. A regularly maintained email list takes care of this problem.

8.      Save Time and Efforts

Stop mulling over mock email addresses and their lack of response. You wouldn’t know which email addresses are bogus unless you are sure about the authenticity of your list. Get your email list verified and save your team’s time and efforts.