Facebook offers plenty of insights to advertisers on their paid social ads. A lot of these metrics can be hard to understand. If you cannot fully understand what each metric means, how can you get correct insights? And consequently, make effective decisions for your Facebook marketing strategy?

Your company can increase its annual sales per employee per year by 14.4%, if you increase the usability of your data by even a 10%, according to a survey.

Data is important.

Do you know what these different facebook ads metrics mean?


  1. Click through rate (CTR)

This is a measure of how many people see your ad against how many of those click on them. Though the average CTR was reported 0.05% latest, it does not mean investing is in vain. Brand awareness still increases.

  1. Link Clicks

It shows the number of clicks on your ads that consequently took them to the set destination. These are used to measure CTR and CPC.

  1. Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) / Cost per click / Cost per action (CPA)

These are three of the methods used by Facebook to charge you. As the names suggest, the first one measures the cost of having 1000 views on your ad, the second one charges you each time your ad receives a click, and the third one charges you each time someone takes an action on your ad

(Confused about which metric to use? Hiring a facebook agency might be a good idea.)

  1. Ad frequency

This is an important metric that is closely related to CPC and CTR. It shows how many times your audience sees a particular ad of yours. It is important to keep an eye on this figure to avoid spamming your audience.

  1. engagement

It shows the number of times someone took action relating to your post. It can include any of the reactions, likes, shares, comments.

  1. impressions & reach

This metric shows how often your post was viewed by your audience. It is viewed alongside the reach metric which tells how many individual people saw your post. Both are visibility metrics.

  1. Relevance score

This is a score on a scale of 1 – 10. As the name suggests, it shows how relevant your ad is to the audience. High relevance score equals to better reach to the target audience. This score is a calculated through a combination of other metrics.

  1. Talking about this

It basically shows how many people were talking about a particular subject during a particular time period. It is excellent for time-specific ads.

  1. Video retention

One of the video engagement metrics, it can be found in post details section. It tells you about the average view duration along with retention percentage by each minute.

  1. Website conversions

It shows the number of lead conversions occurred due to your advertisement. The metric is recorded by Facebook pixel.